Prayer Requests


Dolly Montgomery

  • cancer has not spread
  • three masses removed 
  • will begin chemo

Robin Daughenbaugh

God's will on possible job change to Loma Linda  - interview Thursday

Acton Family

Acton Family Update - No COVID19 

The Health of Our Church and the World

  • Pray that our Church family remains healthy and free of COVID19 
  • Pray for all the doctors and healthcare workers to have faith, and gain strength from our Lord to meet the demands they are facing.
  • Pray that our leaders make decisions that will benefit our country and the world.

Eleanor Rich

  • Health 
  • Health of her caregivers, Christine and Steven

Casa Aleluya

  • For Mike's and Dottie's health.
  • that the children will all be protected from COVID19

Frank Morris

  • Stage 4 Parkinson's