Senior Pastor

Wayne Hiebert

Pastor Wayne and his wife, Lynnea, along with seven others planted the Church of ACTS in 2007 starting with a Bible Study in their home.  They have been married for 41 years and have five children and 15 grandchildren. 

After years of running from and rebelling against God, a Cursillo weekend (a short course spiritual retreat) turned his life around and he began listening to God's voice and what He wanted him to do.  Raised by missionary parents in the Amazon Jungles of Peru and in Santiago, Chile, Pastor Wayne knew what the life of a preacher was like and he wanted no part of it.  God had other plans.  He says he was a "Jonah" all the way to his ordination.   Pastor Wayne was ordained in 2011 and became the Senior Pastor in 2015.  

He and his wife have organized mission trips back to the Amazon Jungles of Peru, Belize, and Guatemala.  Today he believes God has called him to the mission fields of Hemet, San Jacinto and the surrounding rural areas.

Lynnea is a retired school teacher and now the Director of the Bread Basket Food Bank, an outreach ministry of the Church of ACTS.  Along with the help of several volunteers, the food bank feeds many families in the surrounding areas.  


Spiritual Advisor

Fr. Josh Acton

Josh Acton is an Anglian priest in the Anglican Church in North America.  He is the North American Director of the international Order of St. Luke the Physician, a ministry of Christian healing.  He travels all over the United States and Canada to conferences teaching of God's love and healing.  Josh was ordained in 1989.  He is the Director of Desert Call Ministries equipping God's people for spiritual wholeness.

Josh has been an integral part of the Church of ACTS since its inception in 2007.  He was the Senior Pastor from 2007-2015.  He  organized mission trips to do VBS in Belize for many years and has also gone on mission trips to Guatemala.

He and his wife, Rusti, have five children.